The mission of is to promote the growth of the oilfield industry as well as the workers in the field. provides up to date industry news, worldwide rig counts, oil and gas prices, some job openings, even a calendar of events for golf tournaments, sporting clays,fishing tournaments, seminars, meetings, oil shows, and other fun events. Please help keep us up to date with your input.

The oil industry is being challenged by our government. Jay will provide the common sense approach to the problems along with a course of action for the working man. We continue to hear how bad everything is in the field. We are losing some very good people to this government sponsored "Green" job crap. Windmills and solar panels will not power our trucks.

Jay Colquitt, the founder of, is a veteran of more than four decades in the oil industry working with companies including Tom Brown Drilling, Sharpe Drilling, Halliburton Services, Smith International and oil companies in 53 countries and 33 states. A legend in his own mind, he considers himself the best oilfield salesman in the world and a pretty good drilling and completion consultant. Jay has been everything from the lead tong worm to the President of companies worldwide. His stories are all based in truth but he only refers to them as "Nearly True Stories" in order to hide some of the original characters true identity. Jay's imaginary monkey, Bob, clad in coveralls and a hard hat, posts to "Stories" on the main menu.'s most educational feature is "Company Man 101". It includes valuable equations for everything that is needed on the rig floor. It includes report forms, drill pipe and casing tallies along with directional drilling information. You can download any of this material that you want on your own computer. The "Gallery" of oilfield photographs has been collected from all over the world.

Members are encouraged to share their own stories on "Bob's Blog". We welcome your contribution of stories and photos.

Please send your information to or Jay checks Bob's mail and will post it to the proper place.






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