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An Existential Threat

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posted by Jay Colquitt on September 25th, 2012 at 1:32 PM

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Obama Represents An Existential Threat To The United States And Must Be Removed From Office

Obama and his Progressive Socialist globalist friends wholeheartedly supported the "Arab Spring" movement from the time it started, while allying themselves with the likes of "Code Pink", who have portrayed the Palestinians ( AKA the "Philistines" in ancient times ) as victims of Israel and the Jews, and attacked the very existence of Israel the entire time.

He's been going around and apologizing, warping and weakening the image of the "world's last superpower", until now we look like a waning colonial power, like the British did decades ago.


This has left a power vacuum in the world and our nation is no longer respected by the Marxists, Islamist fanatics and/or dictators, who have been allying against us now in a globalist feeding frenzy. The Islamist extremists have become brazen, to the point where, on the anniversary of their 9/11 attack, they purposefully started a campaign of attacking our embassies all over the world, and killed our Ambassador and three others, including a Navy SEAL in Libya.

The only bright spot in all this, was when a Pakistani fanatic who was burning an American flag, inhaled massive amounts of smoke from it, and later died.

All while Obama resists efforts to cut off foreign aid to the Muslim Brotherhood-run dictatorships that have resulted from his "glorious Arab Spring".

Mr. Obama, people who attack our embassies and kill our Ambassador, a Navy seal and others, on American soil, are not our friends, though they may be yours!

Glenn Beck was correct when he said that the Communists, the Islamists and the globalist socialists would work together towards the goal of taking down the United States. In fact one of Obama's closest friends and most frequent White House visitors said:

"The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States." - George Soros

But Glenn Beck didn't mention that the Federal Reserve would be helping the above villains.

"There will be a slow decline in the value of the Dollar, a managed decline." - George Soros, Financial Times, October 23 2009

It's a policy which has been enacted by the Federal Reserve since then, and has devalued our currency to the point where food and fuel prices have been skyrocketing and the average American household has now lost over $4000 in purchasing power per year!

We've all suffered an average loss of $11,900 from inflation since Obama has been in office. Long term unemployment is up by 87%. This administration has obstructed any and all moves towards energy independence, while abusing the regulatory powers of the EPA ( being they couldn't get legislation passed to do it! ) to bankrupt the coal industry, which generates over 50% of our electricity.

It's very clear ( And again, Glenn Beck has exposed this in detail, using their own words. ) that these factions have been working hard on an agenda of taking down the United States, both as an exceptional symbol of freedom in the world, and economically, and they've been succeeding, with the assistance of the 90% of the media that's been a virtual propaganda machine for them.

But an even bigger danger is now emerging.

China, whose economy has also been suffering because of the Federal Reserve policies of devaluing our dollar, went and resorted to doing their own "stimulus" plan, like Obama did to this country. It even included "ghost cities", entire cities complete with office buildings, apartment buildings and shopping malls, that no one inhabits!

So now that their stimulus money is running out, they're facing an economic collapse like Europe will soon be experiencing ( once our Federal Reserve stops propping them up in efforts to delay their collapse until after the elections, so Obama can get re-elected! ).

Why is China becoming a dangerous threat to us now?

Because we have a weak ineffectual non-leader of a President, who has far eclipsed Jimmy Carter in his ineptitude and destructive influence on this country!

So to distract the Chinese population from their impending economic collapse, which could actually lead to a full scale revolution in China ( A "Chinese Spring", if you will, but being our Progressive Socialist President has so much in common with the Communist Chinese, not one he would want. ), the Chinese leaders have started saber rattling against Japan now.

While China has a very legitimate grudge against Japan for the events around the World War II era, the people who committed those atrocities are gone now, either dead or no longer in any real power. Yet recently in China, Japanese businesses have begun to be attacked by mobs. I saw a news clip of a Toyota facility in flames. This does not happen in China without the tacit approval of the government there.

And while the Chinese are saber rattling towards Japan, let's recall that they also claim that Taiwan, what we call Republic of China, should not be an independent nation and is Communist Chinese territory. And if that weren't scary enough, also recall that China is the nation that keeps North Korea at bay, when North Korea claims that South Korea is their territory and has been belligerent against them since that war ceased. ( A peace treaty was never signed, by the way. )

So here we are with a weak ineffectual non-leader of a President, who has done little but apologize for our nation and work towards an agenda of taking us down in the world, both politically and economically.

Now what if China, threatened by an economic collapse and potential revolution there, were to actually move past saber rattling and they attacked both Japan and Taiwan? And what if simultaneously, they were to unleash North Korea, which began an attack on South Korea?

Do any of you reading this actually believe that this weak ineffectual non-leader of a President would do a thing except whine about it, and perhaps apologize even more?!

Couple all this with White House Adviser Audry Tomason's “Apocalypse Equation” thesis, that the current global population is "unsustainable" and needs to be reduced to 1.5 billion, possibly though genocide, and how very dangerous does it all begin to sound?

Obama and the globalist Progressive Socialist movement represent the biggest existential threat to the continued existence of our Constitutional Republic - the United States, since its founding.

He and his entire administration must be removed from office as soon as possible, either by impeachment, or if we have to wait, by kicking them all out during this next election!