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Less than 4 week delivery on Toshiba 300MVi medium voltage VFD  

EMA is expecting delivery on a brand new 2000 HP Toshiba 300 MVi 4160 volt Medium Voltage VFD in less than 4 weeks.  The medium voltage drive will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  Call us at 800-848-2504.


EMA is proud to stock, sell,  and repair Toshiba Medium Voltage Drives. 

The T300MVi Medium Voltage Adjustable Speed Drive is the most advanced medium voltage VFD  in the industry.  We don’t think any other drive in the market compares.  It has a PWM 5-level design, which allows for a smaller size, reduced component count and  a lower cost. The T300MVi can  use the existing motors and is works with all power systems. In addition, it is  one of the safest Medium Voltage Variable Frequency Drives on the market. (Read about the Medium Voltage Drive market)

The drive has a built in disconnect, vacuum contactors,  and transformer, which allows for  much lower installation costs.    VFDs save substantial energy and on higher horsepower applications, the paybacks can be tremendous.

Click HERE to download a brochure(this is a large PDF, be patient!)  Call 800-848-2504 or hit the “Questions?” balloon on the lower right of this page.



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RNG (Real Nice Guy) Consulting, LLC

RNG Consulting, LLC, provides drilling, completion, workover, fluid management, and safety consultants. We provide the industry with professional individuals who bring decades of experience to your project. In addition, RNG consultants have a substantial amount of drilling experience, both international and domestic, including horizontal, horizontal under balance, extended reach drilling (ERD), multi-lateral and directional. All of our consultants are trained in Safety Awareness and Well Control and carry a Well Control Card. Safety is a top priority for RNG Consulting, LLC. Our consultants past training enables them to recognize both safety and environmental issues that can enable the operator to save time and money.

Contact us today for more information

Looking for work?

Submit your resume online to become a consultant with RNG Consulting. We are continually looking for experienced consultants to provide great job opportunities. Please be sure to include the types of wells you have drilled as well as reference phone numbers.

Click here to send us your resume

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Location: SONORA, TX United States
Phone: TOLL FREE 1-877-533-5500
Fax: 1-325-387-2237
Region: Central
Bruce Maddox
Company: Maddox Drilling Services, LLC
Location: San Angelo, TX
Phone: 325-651-1983
Fax: 325-651-3804
Region: Central
Patty Tacquard
Company: Beaed LP
Location: Alvin, TX United States
Phone: 281-331-2035
Fax: 281-331-6000
Region: Central
Sherwin Harlich
Company: Z Oil and Gas Consulting
Location: Port Townsend, WA United States
Phone: 360 531 1022
Region: West

Donnie Hart
Company: C-D Consulting
Location: Sweet Home, TX United States
Phone: 361-235-0119
Region: Central
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Random Story

Two Weeks Off
09/14/09 @ 19:44

In the early 70’s after doing a long stretch in Saudi Arabia, I had been given a bonus vacation of sorts. Any chance to get out of the country was very important and very much needed. You need to get away before going completely out of your mind. There is no whiskey, no women, and no fun. There ain’t nothing for a young single man to do. I acquired an exit and a reentry visa and headed to the airport in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. I then flew to Bahrain, a small island Sheikdom in the Arabian Gulf. In Iran the same body of water is the Persian Gulf. The Gulf Hotel was supposed to be full of airline stewardesses and it was. The prime rib was excellent and the music was very similar to the Carpenter’s. Yeah, The Carpenter’s and it was beautiful. We didn’t know any better. To be able to dance the night away with an Australian stewardess for Quantas Airlines beat anything that I had seen or done in the last six months. I had not been this close to a woman in six months. Pami was all of her name that Bob or I can remember, she had to go to Singapore and I was on the way to Beirut to party at the Stork Bar on Phoenicia Street. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Using wine for mouthwash is not a good idea real early in the morning. The “ Sheila” was history. I never saw her again. A celebration of sorts is necessary when you have the ability to leave the Middle East, even though Beirut is still considered the Middle East . It still warrants a celebration. You never travel out of the Middle East without flying with someone that you already know from the desert. That’s where the trouble starts because you have had nothing to drink for months and when you get out the alcohol simply pours. The International Society of OilFieldTrash has rules or standards for just how stupid somebody can act. One of the best plans is to still be able to walk and talk upon arrival at your destination. More often than not your baggage ends up in the floor of The Stork Bar, the official OilFieldTrash bar in Beirut. It’s right downtown on Phoenicia Street and not far from the Baroid staff house. I had been invited to stay in the staff house by the mud engineer on one of the rigs in Saudi. Baroid didn’t know or didn’t mind if someone else stayed there periodically. I picked up the key at the desk and went up in the elevator and tried the key in the door. Just like everything else in the Middle East it didn’t work. I walked back to the elevator and pushed the button. The door of the apartment cracked open and this little British chick answered the door with only bikini drawers on and asked, “what do you want?” I said that I was looking for the Baroid staff house and she said this is it, come on in and swung the door wide open. My goodness, she didn’t have enough clothes on to pad a crutch. She was a sweetie pie and her boyfriend was in Libya working as a mud engineer on a drilling rig down in the nasty ole desert and she was here with me in Beirut. She didn’t get dressed and I didn’t mind. We sat in the living room smoking and drinking hot English beer. Hey, we had nothing in Saudi, this is paradise, and I would have drunk it out of my hat if I had to. When all the beer was gone we decided to go to The Rose and Crown which was her local hangout. It was the “Brit Pub” of Beirut and was not my cup of tea. I headed for The Stork Bar alone, but not for long, I hoped. I was happy to return to one of the best bars in the world for OilFieldTrash. There were almost nearly always a herd of Lebanese girls that patronized the place, well at least they used to. One thing never changed and that was “ Charlie the burger boy”. Charlie made more money than anybody. He would shine your shoes or run down the street and bring you back anything that you wanted to eat. The Stork Bar was not a restaurant but you could eat anything Charlie could carry in. It turned out to be another long night talking about drilling oil wells in Saudi Arabia and West Texas with a bunch of other idiots and running the limits to being stupid way up. I think that the first thing that happens is you become invisible and shortly thereafter you become bullet proof to be followed shortly thereafter by master intelligence and topped off by speaking in tongues that not even you can understand. I went to Khaliffa’s Jewelers the next day and designed the very first large diamond puzzle ring that was ever made. I took an eight piece puzzle ring and had them weld the top two pieces together making it a six piece ring and laid big multi-cut diamonds across the top and sides of the ring. It was beautiful. I spent $425.00 for the first diamond puzzle ring ever made. I had seen Ruby and Sapphire chips before but not the cut diamonds. Beirut seemed a bit slow to me and I decide that I could make better use of my time in Cairo, Egypt. So, it’s off to Cairo. While I was standing in the airport in Beirut watching the planes taking off and waiting on my flight to Cairo there was a TWA jet was called for a non-stop flight to New York, New York a town so cool they had to name it twice. I had a tear as big as a horse turd in my eye when that plane left without me. I sure did miss Odessa and everything that went with it. Cairo is a very congested city with its 14 million inhabitants seemingly all in one place at one time. This time things were different, they had a little war going on with Israel and town was empty except for the machine gun nest posted on most every corner in town. I was the only guest at The Mena House Hotel out by the pyramids, a hotel with nearly five hundred rooms. Normally they were full all the time. Wars seem to slow up tourism. The cabarets were empty of customers but full of belly dancers, I love Cairo. Things that cost $50.00 three months ago now cost only $2.50, like a good bottle of champagne. The Star Stella Beer really sucks but it beat what we had in Saudi. I had the hotel ice down a wash tub full in the living room of the best suite in the house that I paid $8.00 per night, the normal price was over $250.00 per night. I’m kind of enjoying this little war. I wanted to take a tour around the pyramids and surrounding area, I checked with the front desk and they said I could go with their guide but I would be the only one on tour. I really was the only guest. I had the option of a camel, a horse or a bus and I took the horse with an English riding saddle. It took most all of the bellboys to help lift my fat butt into the saddle. Somebody stole the saddle horn, there is nowhere to hang on. My knees were under my chin. After adjusting the stirrups, it’s tally hoe and off we go. Sadik and I road all over the dessert around the pyramids, Sadik had been a guide here all of his life and knew the place like the back of his hand. There are a total of twenty –nine pyramids in Egypt. There is only one where the opening has been found. You first had to climb up about a quarter of the way up the side of the pyramid to the opening. The opening is about four feet square and goes down at about a forty-five degree angle. To keep from falling you have to turn around backwards and walk backwards on chicken coop type boards, down into the center of the pyramid. There is an old electrical cable with light bulbs screwed into it about every ten feet for light. No matter how you put it, this is spooky and it is a long way down this small passage. Finally, you come into a long chamber or hall way that all of the rooms connect to. The Queens room was about 20 ft. square and off to the right. The Pharoses tomb was quite a bit larger and deeper in the pyramid. It is said that all people that go inside are blessed people. After some picture taking down at the Sphinx, it was back to Saudi Arabia and work. Thanks for the days off.

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