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Gas and Oil Industry

Staying on Top of the Gas and Oil Industry News is a great source to find gas and oil industry news, events, stickers and other merchandise, and educational information. We are a website that is dedicated to promoting the gas and oil industry and its workers. We aim to unite workers and better the entire industry. Check out the many different features we offer on our website. sifts through gas and oil industry news to find the important news that affects the oil industry and oil field workers.  You can find news on gas and oil exploration, production, or industry news. You will no longer have to wade through lots of news or search out what you are looking for from many different websites because has it all for you in one place. We also have a calendar of current industry events such as golf tournaments and meetings so you will be able to stay informed of happenings in your area.

We offer many different gas and oil industry products for purchase. Visit the “Shop” section of the website to find funny bumper stickers, t-shirts, mugs, clocks, aprons, mouse pads, and pillows. These products are one of the perfect ways to show your oil industry pride. For example, by displaying one of our oil stickers you are showing your support of the industry and of All of our products make great gifts. Our stickers are made of high-quality vinyl that won’t fade or bleed in the sun.

Our “Company Man 101” section offers educational material for anyone currently in the oil industry or those who wish to join. Check it out if you want to find information about things like drilling bits, formulas, casing information, technical facts, calculations and so much more. All the information in this section is downloadable, free, and printable so you can take it with you on the job. We know that knowledge is a key way to get ahead in the drilling industry. If everyone who wanted to improve studied a little more, it would have a dramatic effect. We aim to help each oil field worker improve, thus we are helping the entire industry improve.

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