Oil and Gas Industry Jobs

If you’ve been searching for oil and gas industry jobs then you should check out all the resources we have here to help you. Our site was created to promote the oil and gas industry and that includes helping our valuable oil field workers find the jobs they are looking for. We understand the constant change that the oil and gas industry undergoes and we are here to help you find oil and gas industry jobs. We have several different ways to do that. We offer some job listings, forums to help you connect with others who are hiring or who know of jobs, and tools and information to help you increase your knowledge and in turn increase your chance of getting a promotion or the job you want.Oil and Gas Industry Jobs

Our site includes directory listings for companies that may be hiring. We have a lot of connections to the oil industry. Our founder, Jay Colquitt, has been in the industry for four decades and has had many different jobs with numerous companies. We also have the forums section of our site that helps members connect with one another. In today’s economic and political climate it can be tough to find the job you want. We understand this problem. We want to help you make the connections you need to find oil and gas industry jobs.

One of the best ways to get the job you want is to increase your skills and knowledge. Better skills and knowledge are some of the keys to helping the gas and oil industry to grow. Dedication to learning is vital if you want to improve yourself and your job. Our site offers lots of information and forms in the “Company Man 101” section. We include equations and formulas needed on the rig floor. We also have lots of information, facts, and calculations that you will need when working on an oil rig. Studying is one of the best ways to learn more and become a better driller. All of this information is conveniently located on our site and completely downloadable and printable.

While finding a new job isn’t always fun, it is possible. With a little bit of help you are sure to be on your way to discovering what you want or need!

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