Oil and Gas Industry News

Oil and Gas Industry News

OilFieldTrash.com has the most up to date and in tune oil and gas industry news available today. We strive to bring to you the current events that will influence your industry and your lives. Whether it is in Exploration, Production and Industry Headlines, we have the finest available.

We provide the insight needed to help you understand what the politicians in Washington are doing to our industry. Not only will we help you to understand these things, we will also help you to formulate a plan of action in order to change our present government out. I say vote them all out. The Oil and Gas Industry News can be your guide in these troubled times to help you make the right decisions in your life to help feed your family and take care of business.

Oil and Gas Industry News includes the most current North Sea Brent Crude Oil, West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil, Gas, Gold and NASDAQ prices quoted in U.S. Dollars. The worldwide rig counts are also available for you to track. Just click on the feed and you can view a graph that will track for you the history of that particular item.

Also included is a calendar of current events such as the where and when of the fishing tournaments, golf tournaments, sporting clay events, oil shows and all of the fun stuff is also included. This is the best way to stay in touch with your friends.

The oil and gas industry news will keep you informed on all aspects of our industry top to bottom. Please feed to us your company events so that we can include them into the calendar for everyone to see and to participate!