Oil and Gas Industry

Our site works to promote the oil and gas industry. We want to promote the industry and also the oil field workers. We help the industry and its workers by offering reference tools to help in the field, study materials to increase knowledge and better performance, calendars of upcoming oil and gas industry events, industry news, worldwide rig counts, and job search help. We know that the future of the oil industry is vital and put a lot of effort into making the industry the best it can be. Oil and Gas Industry

One of the best ways that Jay Colquitt, founder of Oil Field Trash, knows to better the industry is to better each individual worker. When oil field workers can improve their knowledge and on-the-job skills they become more valuable to their employers and to the industry as a whole. Our site offers loads of information about the oil industry in our “Company Man 101” section. There are many links to information about the different aspects of working in the oil industry. Also included are formulas and equations that are regularly used on the jobs. Other oil drilling information is included as well. If you need report forms then check out what we include in this section. All of the information is downloadable and printable so you can take it with you if you need it.

Jay Colquitt takes a common sense approach to helping out the oil and gas industry. Every day the work oil drillers and workers do is challenged by the government. If the industry stands together and shows how valuable and vital the oil industry is to our country then we are closer to saving our jobs and furthering the American ideal. Our site also contains a place to shop for oil and gas industry merchandise. By purchasing and displaying something from here you are showing your support of the men and women who work in the industry. We also have some funny political bumper stickers available. Our site is full of lots of information and forums so you can link up with others. Show your support of the gas and oil industry today and see what we have to offer.

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