Oil Field Stickers

Oil Field StickersOil field stickers are a great way to show your support for the oil field industry. You can proudly display your collection of oil field stickers on your car or truck bumper, your hard hat, or on your wall. OilFieldTrash.com offers a selection of these types of stickers at great prices. They are even available to buy in bulk.

Many different sizes of oil field stickers are available. For example, the three inch lapel sticker is round and features the Oil Field Trash logo with Bob the monkey and an oil rig in the background. It’s offered in packages of 48 stickers so there are plenty to keep and share. The rectangular Oil Field Trash sticker is sold in packages of 50 stickers. We also have oil field bumper stickers. One proclaims, “Proud to be Oil Field Trash.” Another says, “Oilfield Wife.” Our bumper stickers are printed on 4mil vinyl using water and UV resistant inks. This means no fading in the sun or ink bleeding in the rain. All of our stickers are designed with the oil field worker and their families in mind. We are proud to be oil field workers and we want to be able to share our love of the industry through offering these oil field stickers.

Jay Colquitt is the founder of OilFieldTrash.com. He has over four decades of experience in the oil industry. His goal is to promote the oil field industry and especially help those working there. One way to help the industry is to spread the word about OilFieldTrash.com. It’s filled with lots of educational information. Also, the site has job listings and up to date information about oil rigs, oil prices, and general oil industry news. We can further the cause of OilFieldTrash.com by purchasing one or more stickers and sharing them as well as proudly displaying them.

The bottom line is that these are great stickers for a great price showing your support of a great industry. Don’t let this chance to do your part for the oil field industry pass you by. Ordering is easy and you’ll be able to use and share these oil field stickers in no time.

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