Oil Industry News

Oil Industry News

OilFieldTrash.com provides up to date oil industry news, worldwide rig counts, North Sea Brent Crude Oil, West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil, Gas, Gold and NASDAQ prices all quoted in U.S. dollars. We even a calendar of events for golf tournaments, sporting clays, fishing tournaments, seminars, meetings, oil shows, and the other fun events.

The oil industry news is current and up to date. We have linked to the RSS feeds of other oil industry news suppliers in order to better serve you with the very best oil industry news available.

Please read and stay up with the oil industry news that can and will affect your future in the oil industry. We also have a political prospective as well. Our government has become a real player in the future of our industry.

I can remember back in the early 70′s in Saudi Arabia. You never got any news for home. If you did get a news paper, it was normally The International Herald Tribune printed in Paris, France. It was the only thing that you would see and it was normally old when you did run across one. News was censored in Saudi Arabia. At Oil Field Trash we don’t censor the news. The oil industry news that you get here is the best that we can find to share with our readers. We want to be a one stop place for your news of our industry.

In the mid 80′s the USA Today began to show up in some of the better hotels like the Inter-Continental in Abu Dhabi. What a great hotel. If something was going on in the Middle East you would hear about it here.

I can remember getting out of bed around 4:30 am to just hear a lady out of Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia do a morning weather report on a single side band radio. Times have definitely changed, and you are fortunate to have the oil industry news of today is right at your finger tips with a click of a mouse button!