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Why Deepwater Drilling Rigs?

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

deepwater drilling rigsDeepwater drilling rigs exist to extract oil and natural gas from beneath the sea floor in deep waters. The drilling rigs come in many different types from permanent to movable. There are many deepwater drilling rigs stationed off the coast of the United States as well as other countries. Recently deepwater drilling rigs have been in the oil and gas industry news due to the Deepwater Horizon platform explosion. The Deepwater Horizon was a semi-submersible rig that was stationed off the Louisiana coast before it experienced an explosion on April 20, 2010 and sank two days later. Immediate attempts to stop the flow of oil from the well through the blowout preventer failed and gallons and gallons of oil reached the Gulf Shore a few months later. The disaster, in conjunction with a subsequent moratorium on oil drilling, caused the loss of many jobs and revenue for the affected states and people.

When operated using guidelines and precautions, deepwater drilling rigs are not usually causes of problems that we have seen recently. Many rigs operate in the same area as the Deepwater Horizon and this is the worst oil spill problem to date. Most of the time problems are controlled by a properly working blowout preventer. The blowout preventer is a series of valves that can close over the well when problems are sensed. This causes the oil to be contained and problems to be reduced. Unfortunately the recent events have shown what happens when oil drilling rigs don’t have adequate blowout preventers among other problems that caused the big catastrophe. Greater caution needs to be used but it is premature to say the United States is finished with its oil dependence.

Oil is not just used to power cars and trucks. It is also used in asphalt, plastics, and petro chemicals. The United States produces about half of the oil that it consumes. Limiting the amount of oil that we allow to be drilled will only increase our dependence on other nations and decrease our freedom. Even if we were closer to finding other sources of energy, we would probably be dependent on other nations for battery components like lithium. Oil is one way that the United States uses its own resources to further its energy needs.

Deepwater Drilling Companies in the Media

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

deepwater drilling companiesDeepwater drilling companies exist to harvest the oil off the coasts of the shores of the United States as well as many other countries. These companies use deepwater drilling rigs to find oil and natural gas offshore. Many times the drilling takes place in water thousands of feet deep. This presents some interesting challenges for deepwater drilling companies when they are drilling many miles from the nearest shore.

Deepwater drilling companies have come into the spotlight recently due to the Deepwater Horizon gulf drilling disaster. Deepwater Horizon is a semi-submersible drilling rig that was operated by BP in the Gulf of Mexico. On April 20, 2010 it experienced an explosion. Two days later it sank. Eleven workers were killed and many others were seriously injured. Oil started spewing out of the well. The well was equipped with a blowout preventer that unfortunately failed. A blowout preventer is a series of valves placed over the well that can be closed in the event of an emergency to prevent oil from gushing out of the hole. Normally when something like this occurs, a blowout preventer will stop the flow of oil from causing too many problems. Now BP is faced with cleanup and trying to solve the problem of the continued gushing.

As a result of the accident and spill, a drilling moratorium has been placed on other deepwater drilling companies in the region. This has caused a great impact on the economy because of the lost jobs and revenue. Workers are upset at the moratorium and are suffering in light of its effect. BP has pledged to pay reasonable claims as a result of the spill. Unfortunately the entire oil industry has taken a hit because of the accident. The accident has caused increased scrutiny toward the oil industry and has also exposed the United State’s dependence on oil. However, offshore drilling accounts for more than 30% of the country’s consumption and simply turning off the supply could be further devastating to an already weakened economy. Oil is used for plastics, petro chemicals, asphalt, and of course cars and trucks. Continued moratorium could severely hurt many aspects of citizens’ lives.

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