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Oil Drilling Tools

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Oil Drilling Tools’s most educational feature is “Company Man 101.” This section includes valuable oil drilling tools such as equations for everything that is needed on the rig floor. It includes oil drilling tools like report forms, drill pipe and casing tallies along with directional drilling information. Information an bottom hole assemblies, fishing tools and blowout preventers are also included. These oil drilling tools are downloadable to your computer, if you have others that you will share, please pass them along to us at jaycolquitt[at] and we will place them here for everyone to use.

I have collected these oil drilling tools over the years and have found them very helpful to me while working on the oil rigs worldwide. In this section you can also find blowout kill sheets. If you print these off and fill them out, they prove to be very helpful oil drilling tools for your arsenal.

This section also includes oil drilling tools for air drilling. Most people do not have much experience with drilling with air and do not understand it. The use of these oil drilling tools will help you to understand more on this subject.

This section of “Company Man 101″ also includes information on casing of all sizes, including burst and internal yield pressures. There is also a Halliburton Red Book and Baker Hughes Intec Tech Facts. These oil drilling tools also include Casing and Cement Design programs to help design and understand all there is to know about cementing like job calculations and also pumping rates for cement jobs. The American Petroleum Institute has a Casing Design program along with Casing Buckling facts also included in the section.

Directional work today is very common place but it has not always been that way. Please feel free to download any of these work sheets and formulas that you need. These oil drilling tools will help you to learn and understand more about directional drilling. Many companies have contributed these formulas for the use in the field. Sharing this information is critical to helping build our industry into a better way to make a living. I can’t remember a drilling in a long time that has not ask me if he was good enough to become a directional driller. Only the ones that study and learn this type of study material.