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Oil Field Videos

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Oil Field Videos

Welcome to our new and improved Oil Field Trash, where you will find two places for oil field videos. One screen of oil field videos is for the magnificent “Nearly True Stories” and jokes. We will be adding this as we finish each one. We hope that you enjoy these and help to spread the word about our new website.

The other oil field videos are for the political side of the new Oil Field Trash website. The oil field videos will help educate the visitors with information as to what we can do as a United Team to help change the way that our government is dealing off the bottom of the deck to us as an industry. It is now political suicide to support the oil industry in Washington. Through these oil field videos we will be able to inform and educate the real oil field trash as to the plight of our industry.

We will also include radio interviews and interviews with the common working man trying to make a living in this troubled oil patch.

We welcome your contributions and ideas for this section. Just write us at jaycolquitt[at] and we will address your comments. I ask that you keep any and all of your comments clean. We do not want for this site to be quarantined from anyone. If you do submit something bad, it will be deleted. If it keeps up, you will not be able to participate. Please help us grow to be the finest website for the working man to utilize.

We will always be a means for you to voice your opinions and to get your videos in front of the maximum amount of your friends. Please feel free to download any of these oil field videos to share with your friends. The success of is dependent on your help in getting the word out to the people that you know to bring more and more people to our site. We are here to help. Let us know what you need and want in our Oil Field Trash website.