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Oil Field Work

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Do you need oil field work? With today’s current economy and political climate it can be tough to find the job you want. Our website works to promote the oil field and its workers and help everyone get the jobs they desire. Oil field work is important and it is important that you do all you can to get the type of job you want in the oil industry. Oil Field Trash strives to help oil field workers by offering several job search tools. We offer some job listings, an oil company directory, forums to help you connect with others, and educational tools to help you increase your knowledge and skills.oil field work

In addition to our job listings we also offer a great forum that members can post on. This is a great way to connect with other jobseekers, potential employers, and oil field workers. When you network with these people it will increase your chance of finding out what companies are hiring and what projects are potentially starting soon. Maybe you can help someone else who is looking for oil field work. Our forums are a fun way to interact with oil field workers around the county and even the world.

If you are truly seeking a better job then you really need to educate yourself and work on your skills to increase your chances of getting the job you want. Our site offers many educational tools and information in the “Company Man 101” section. We have worked hard to provide as much information about drilling along with equations, report forms, and technical facts so everyone in the oil field can benefit. Take a look at this section to get a better idea of what we offer. Everything is completely printable and downloadable so you can take the information with you. We are giving this information for free because we feel strongly that it can help the oil industry and that is one of our goals.

Looking for oil field work can be difficult. With the resources we have here it shouldn’t be impossible. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help you find that job you want.

Oil Field Workers: An Asset To Our Country

Thursday, October 28th, 2010
Oil Field Workers Working

We Support The Oil Field Workers!

Oil field workers are an invaluable asset to this country. Their dedication, knowledge, and hard work literally fuel our great nation. Without great oil field workers, we would be at a great disadvantage. If you are an oil field worker, we are glad you found our website and the different tools and resouces we are offering to better help each worker and in turn help improve the oil industry.

The aim of our website is to promote the oil field industry and its workers. We want to bring workers together in the “forum” section of the site. Here member can discuss any number of things, such as the state of the oil industry, the current economy, jobs they know of or need, and all sorts of other topics. If you have a question, just ask. We are all here for each other and the improvement of the industry.

Oil field workers will also appreciate our “shop” section. Here you can look at funny bumper stickers, t-shirts, mugs, clocks, aprons, and pillows. Each of these products showcases your oil field pride and helps others to know of your dedication to the industry. Our products are high quality and made with the oil field worker in mind. Some of our products are also customizable, so go check it out!

Another way we work to promote the oil field industry is by featuring our “Company Man 101” section. Think of this section as a lot of educational tools that you may use to improve your knowledge and increase your opportunities. This section is fully downloadable, printable and free so you can take this information with you to the rig floor. We have charts, drilling information, casing information and so much more to help you out. Sometimes people wonder what they can do to become a better directional driller and the answer our founder Jay Colquitt always gives is to study. Now we provide the tools for anyone to do that and help everyone who desires to the chance to get ahead.

If you are in the oil field industry, it’s important that you stay connected to others in the industry. It’s also important that you can access the latest news and educational information. Our website provides all of those things and so much more. We also have a “stories” section and a “gallery” for your enjoyment. Check us out today and find out what you’ve been missing.

Oil Field Workers

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Oil Field Workers

Oil field workers come from all walks of life. Some have an education and some don’t. I’ve known men that couldn’t turn a calculator on that could drill a 24,000 ft. well just by smelling of it. These guys are not a rare breed. They learn to do it by the seat of the pants and their balls. Oil field workers have to learn because they have families that depend on them to take care of them and a real man does just that. It takes all kinds of people to make up the oil field. You have to have people that are satisfied to do one thing their entire life and are comfortable doing just that. Others want to learn and grow. With no formal education, it is hard for these guys to move up unless someone gives them a hand in learning what is important to know.

My Daddy used to have a man stay with us when we lived in Hobbs, New Mexico named Bob Johnson. My Daddy and Bob started out the same, as truck drivers for The Western Company in Odessa, Texas. Bob was a good worker and a very likable fellow and my Daddy respected him for his work ethics. Daddy and Bob would sit at the dinner table after supper and draw pictures and do calculations using a slide rule. My Daddy went to Texas A&M but quit to go to the war. He was a bomber pilot in World War Two. His education even though not complete gave him a leg up on most other people because he could do the math required. He told me to be the first one to work and the last to leave. He also told me to ask a lot of questions when you got around someone that could possibly really know the answers. He said that the most important part of the oil field is to understand it in your mind and that most people needed a picture to be able to understand it properly. He said to always have the engineer draw me a picture. I have drawn many pictures on the hoods of a thousand Ford pickups all over the world. I explain now the same way as I was told to learn. Draw the new guy a picture. The oil field workers understand it better if he can see what you are talking about. You can also see that dumb ass look on their faces if you didn’t get it across the first time.

Oil field workers are not just the drilling hands. They are the truck drivers, refinery people, fishing tool operators, even the bean counters and engineers. They all take credit for being oil field trash. Some of these people stay close to home and other have the Wonder Lust. The oil fields of the world beckoned to the some of the finest people ever put on God’s green earth. Many different disciplines are required to make an operation run smooth. Sometimes you run across a man that has a smattering of idiocy in many aspects of the industry. I personally have been blessed with this due to having to make a living in the hard times when you can’t do just exactly what you are comfortable with. There is always something that you can learn, no matter how smart you think you are. No one has all of the answers. Most, you’ll find don’t even know what the question was.