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Oil Industry Consultants

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010
Oil Industry Consultants

Oil industry consultants come in many shapes, forms and sizes. Consultant is another word for contractor. Most of these guys are independent contractors. This means that they carry their own insurance. When they do that, it also means that they do not pay unemployment insurance. This is the reason that these oil industry consultants don’t show up in the numbers coming out of Washington on unemployment.

I worked in Norway with a bunch of oil industry consultants on the Veslefrikk Project for Statoil. What we did was convert a semi-submersible drilling rig into a production platform that could be moved from field to field. The cost were too much to make a permanent facility to stay in the same location after the field was sucked dry of the precious North Sea Oil. All of these guys were engineers and were very smart in their discipline. There was enough work for instrumentation engineers that as soon as one project was over they normally had somewhere else to go.

I did the document control on this project seeing everything that came in to our office and everything that went out of our offices. Every change had to be documented and all had to be filed and taken care of so that the change orders, where the money is, could be done properly. These oil industry consultants were masters at what they did. These were instrument engineers and they would design something knowing that it was wrong. They built on the oil company specification provided by the oil company. Once it was designed, the oil company would realize that it was wrong and issue a change order for it to be redone correctly. Thusly costing about double what it should have cost to start out with. Oh well, life in the fast lane as we know it. It worked just about as efficiently as our government today.

Oil industry consultants normally are the backbone of the industry, striving to be the best at what they do. Others are there just for the money and that’s what screws it up for the ones that do the best job. It doesn’t make any difference if it is an oil industry consultant or a Congressman working the government. It should be done right the first time for everyone to come out a winner.