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Oil in the Reserve Pits

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posted by Jay on September 14th, 2009 at 8:28 PM

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While testing a well in Tom Green County for an outfit out of Ft. Worth, Texas the farmer came up on the rig floor and asks the Company Man if he had an oil well. The reserve pit was full of oil that had come out of the hole. The Company Man asks if he had any deer or maybe even a wild turkey, on his place. The old farmer said that, he had so many he wished that Company Man would shoot some of them and take them home with him. The Company Man told the old man that he would bet everything he had that this would be a good well. The old farmer said just go down to that old clover patch at daylight and shoot all you want.
We started test tools off bottom at daylight and the Company Man took the Mud Logger with him to help him load all of the bounty. Just as they left the rig, they noticed a herd of wild Turkeys. The Company Man got out and shot four with a Remington Automatic 22 rifle. As they pulled into the clover patch the Company Man shot a young 6 point buck while the Mud Logger was opening the gate. As he drive into the field he saw a very nice and big 13 point buck. As he pulled down on him, the car telephone rang, flashing the lights and honking the horn. A quick decision had to be made. This big deer was just about to be gone. Do you shoot the most amazing deer that you have ever seen or do you answer the phone and speak with your boss? I heard the bullet hit him, just before I answered the phone with my morning report. After the report, the Mud Logger said you missed, he ran off. Remember, I heard the bullet hit. I knew that both deer were dead. That morning the roughneck’s field dressed all four wild turkeys and both deer, killed within 5 minutes from the rig. Sure was good eating.
The old farmer had a great well.

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