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posted by Jay on September 14th, 2009 at 8:41 PM

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I remember one thing in particular, there was a well on the right side of the road coming in from the airport, that all VIP's, workers, whoever, when they were headed for Ahmadi, the would stop and have their photos taken, there also was a tank beside the fire, didn't take long this well got the name of "The Hollywood Well", I think Red Roberts got the honor of putting this well out.
As long as the fires were going you could come and go all over the different oil fields, as soon as the Emir put out the last fire, guards and guard gates were put up on both ends near the drilling workshop. Remember the first time I came thru they stopped me. Got out of the car and they went thru the car, looked in the trunk, raised the hood, took off the air breather and other things from under the hood, leaving them lay where they had removed them. The guard told me, "Okay you can go". I told him put the s*#t back on my motor, he refused, so I sat down by the guard shack. About 10 minutes later Saud Nasmi (who was in charge of the firefighting) came by headed toward the field, he stopped and asked me did I have a problem, told him yes. Then explained to him what had happened to the motor parts, he told the guard to replace the parts, he then got on the radio and by the time I was ready to go, Saud had already sent for relieve for the guard, the new guard had arrived. Didn't take long for this, don't remember getting stopped again.

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