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Traffic Circle

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posted by Jay on September 14th, 2009 at 8:43 PM

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All over the Middle East the British influence can be readily seen by the traffic circles. The British helped many of these countries get their feet on the ground. There was not much of a market on these desolate and forgotten lands before oil. The British have always been helpful sometimes. Yes, I said that right. All of these Traffic Circles were not a good idea. The idea of the circle is for courteous drivers to allow cars to enter and exit the flow easily. Keyword”courteous” sticks out of my mind because these drivers are not courteous in any shape, form or fashion.
In 1984 I had a beautiful new dark metallic blue Park Avenue Buick as my company car in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The humidity is so extremely high that your car will rot and rust out if you don’t wash the salt off if it regularly. I had a man that washed my car regularly if I was in the office.
As I left the office that day I noticed that the car looked really good. I was proud of my ride. It was comfortable on the long regular trips to Dubai and beyond. The air conditioner blew real cold and the Concert Sound stereo system with cassette deck rounded off a really fine automobile. My car had been sitting in the shade and was still just a little wet. I would drive to my house first and then go to the Inter-Continental Hotel pool for the rest of the afternoon. Life was good.
Abu Dhabi was taking the Traffic Circles out and installing traffic lights and boulevards along Airport Road. There was a very large and congested Traffic Circle one street away from Airport Road. I was in the proper lane to enter the Traffic Circle and was doing so when this young Arab man in a brand new Nissan 280 Z began to cut doughnuts in a vacant lot beside the Traffic Circle stirring up lots of dust that was settling on my newly washed damp Park Avenue. I could do absolutely nothing but sit there and let this idiot get my car really dirty. He was acting like he was the only car on the road. He was spinning that Z around as if he were Mario Andretti. As I crept around the Traffic Circle the dust was settling and I wasn’t very happy at all. I exited and felt great to get away from that guy without killing him.
Well, I may get another chance. Looking in my rearview mirror, I see him finish spinning a donut and scream out onto the street tires squealing directly behind me. He was coming fast and just before running into the back of my car he turned and slid to a stop at my right in the go straight lane. I was in the turning lane and would turn left. The light changed and the race was on. He took off like a shot and turned left also right in front of me. I had to slam on my breaks to keep from hitting him. You really don’t have any idea how this made me feel. There was absolutely nothing I can do about this young idiot. He wins and everyone around him looses. I am burning up, if I could just get my hands on him for just a little while.
What’s this? The Z is planted in the back of a water truck that was watering the boulevard. I saw him weaving in and out of traffic and acting like a fool. As I came upon the wreck I was driving very slowly. I actually witnessed the 4 inch pipe that came out of the back of the water truck. The valve had broken off and the water pipe was way inside the broken windshield with the middle of the dash ripped off of this brand new Nissan 280 Z. The Z stopped just in time to keep him from losing his head.
You know, this young man probably didn’t have any idea that he may have bothered someone else with his actions. He purely didn’t care. I believe that it God’s way of equaling the playing field. As I drove past him I saw the water was already over the stick shift and rising fast. The smile on my face was so big if I had lipstick on it would have been smeared up in my ears. There is a God and Justice does prevail. My Daddy told me that nice guys really do win.
This sort of thing could happen just as easily in Odessa. The little Arab dude really had a dumb look on his face.
Remember Bob spelled backwards is still boB.

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